Kaye Grogan On The Election

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Let’s dive in, shall we?

By now the leftover champagne of victory is stale…

But we can still heat up the hors d’ouerves of triumph — they’ll taste okay, I think.

…and the winners are actually losers.

Down is also up.

Contrary to what a mass of liberal ideologues might be smoking in their pipes, while shouting their hurrahs — conservatism is far from dead in America.

Oooookay then.

I have to agree with the analogy that this was not a win-win situation for the Democrats….

No, it was just a plain "win" situation.

— as usual the midterm elections verified that many conservative voters bit their nose off to spite their face. They are getting quite famous for this.

Neat trick — biting off their noses.  Maybe conservative voters should join a sideshow carnival.

And who is this "they"?  Doesn’t "conservative voters" include you, Kaye?

According to one report: many of the Jewish persuasion helped to "send in the clowns" apparently in both the House and Senate by a whopping 87%.

Ah, so it’s the Jeeeeeewwws’ fault!  Well hell, Kaye — isn’t it always?

When I went to the polls to cast my vote, I had to ask myself: "how would Jesus vote?"

Optical scanner, I’m guessing.

I know for certain Jesus would not be in favor of a party that embraces radical positions specifically linking themselves to abortion on-demand — nor would He be favorable to same-sex marriages.

Then again, Jesus was a Jeeeeew, so who knows?

I have heard that we need a change from the same old Democratic establishment to the point of nauseam. You bet we need a change from them — but I guess we’ll have to wait at least two more years.

Yes.  We’ve been dominated by Democrats for too long.  They’ve had the House, the Senate, the White House, the Supreme Court….

By then, we might all be buried under rubble by terrorists.

Really? All of us?

With Rep. John Conyers of Michigan still apparently gung-ho on waging his "impeachment" investigation against President Bush, Nancy Pelosi is going to have her hands full, if she really means what she said about impeachment hearings are off of the table.

Because she is, after all, a woman, and how can a woman say "no" to a man?

The only trouble with that? … Conyers’ Pit Bull is probably waiting to devour the leftovers.

Leftovers go good with stale champagne of victory, we hear.

It’s amazing and quite revealing how a do-nothing party was able to take over control in both branches of government…

Actually, honey — the legislative branch is one branch of government.  It’s comprised of two houses, the upper and lower, but it’s — oh, never mind.

…without a viable platform, while riding the coattails of the opposing party to victory — and in a landslide to boot.

Democrats rode in to victory on the coattails of Republicans?  Really, Kaye?

There is not any doubt that many conservatives who tried to stay the course with a party slipping away from their voters, have pie in their faces, but pie washes off…

Or Conyer’s Pit Bull can lick it off, I suppose.

…while deception is branded in the souls of deceivers until doomsday.

A lot of lovely illiteration.

Isn’t it funny how all of a sudden the Democrats are calling on the Republicans to practice bi-partisanship and work with them for the good of the country? Hypocrisy to the max!

"To the max"?  That’s like totally rad and funny to the extreme!

Actually, Kaye, it was Bush evoking a spirit of bi-partisanship today, after weeks and months of calling the opposition party "traitors" and "cowards" and the like.

As the Democrats plot their systematic plan to also take over the White House in 2008 — the bony skeletons in their closets are about to make their long awaited debut.

Such as….?  C’mon Kaye – don’t be a tease.

In actuality, while the Democrats are in power — the Republicans can now reverse the roles, and let the scandals rock the world of their colleagues.

I can hardly wait!

While the voters sent in the clowns on November 7 — it is obvious just as many clowns made their grand exit.

So it’s a wash, right?

Anyway, Kaye’s column kind of reminds us of this, from The Onion:

Republicans Blame Election Losses On Democrats

WASHINGTON, DC—Republican officials are blaming tonight’s GOP losses on Democrats, who they claim have engaged in a wide variety of "aggressive, premeditated, anti-Republican campaigns" over the past six-to-18 months. "We have evidence of a well-organized, well-funded series of operations designed specifically to undermine our message, depict our past performance in a negative light, and drive Republicans out of office," said Republican National Committee chairman Ken Mehlman, who accused an organization called the Democratic National Committee of spearheading the nationwide effort. "There are reports of television spots, print ads, even volunteers going door-to-door encouraging citizens to vote against us." Acknowledging that the "damage has already been done," Mehlman is seeking a promise from Democrats to never again engage in similar practices.