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BstockWe haven’t checked in with conservative columnnist Barbara Stock in a while, so we decided to.  It’s nice to know that she’s still wetting her bloomers over olive-skinned people:

On their way back from a three-day meeting in Minneapolis of the North American Imams Federation, six Islamic imams were stunned to find out that suspicious behavior by Muslims on large jet planes makes non-Muslims nervous. Why they would be shocked is perhaps the mystery of the decade.

Before we continue, let’s get one thing clear.  These six imams were Americans.  Five were from Phoenix; one was from California.  And one of them was blind.

One imam asked for an extension for his seat-belt even though the seat belt he had fit without difficulty. Did he want it to use it to put around someone’s neck?

Another imam took a copy of the in-flight magazine from the seat pouch in front of him.  Did he want to give the other passengers paper cuts?

They asked to change seats once aboard.

Yeah, that is suspicious.  White people and Christians never ask to have their seats reassigned.

The imams were seen praying just prior to boarding. Anyone else seen praying would be met with a smile and the thought that the pray-ee must really be afraid of flying. But when a Muslim is seen praying prior to boarding a plane, the fear is that he may be getting ready to become a martyr.

Shorter Barbara Stock: "Because I am afraid of them, they must be up to no good."

Witnesses overheard the imams making anti-American remarks at the boarding gate and yet, these Muslim men were shocked when they were asked to leave the plane.

"Because in this country, if you don’t love America, you can’t fly"

They claimed that they were "humiliated" and their ejection only shows how "Islamaphobic" Americans are.

And Barbara is proving how right they were.

But perhaps it just showed that these six Muslim imams showed very poor judgment and were totally insensitive to the feelings of their fellow passengers.

"After all, Muslim Americans must always show respect for everyone else; never the reverse."

Always the victims, these six Muslim imams seemed to forget that it was Muslims who flew planes into the World Trade Center buildings and the Pentagon, and were attempting to crash into the Capital. Did it slip their minds that 3000 citizens died on 9/11 at the hands of Muslims?

Good point.  Since Timothy McVeigh (a white Southerner) blew up the Murrah building in Oklahoma, I think we should take away the civil rights of all white Southerners.  What say you, Barbara?

Have they forgotten that Islamic leaders have declared war on the United States and vowed to make our "blood run in the streets?" Did these Muslims miss the announcement from the highest Islamic cleric in Saudi Arabia giving bin Laden permission to use nuclear weapons on our cities? Or that Islamics have told us there are "no innocent civilians in America, not even babies?"

And therefore that’s what these religious leaders want?

It is no secret that Islamics will hijack more planes given the opportunity.

It’s no secret that Christians will do that, too.  Just not all — or even most — of them.

If they can’t steal them to use as missiles, they will blow them up over a city for maximum killing and destruction. What is outrageous is that Muslims who seem to delight in partaking in activities they know will make the other passengers nervous are outraged when they are removed from a flight.

However, there is another possibility to this story. There have been many such incidents where Muslims have acted suspiciously and have been removed from flights. And on each occasion the Council for American-Islamic Relations has been Johnny-on-the-spot to howl accusations of discrimination and racial profiling.

And?  Isn’t it discrimination brought about by racial profiling?

Some Muslims have considered it a joke to talk about "bombs" on the plane or to split up once on the plane and signal to each other and make several trips to the bathroom. They have openly admitted that they find it amusing to see some passengers start to cry, thinking the plane is about to be hijacked.

Cite please.  What?  You have none?

No matter how intimidating the actions of Muslims —

By, you know, existing and stuff —

it is implied that non-Muslims are to just accept it or be called "Muslim haters." CAIR’s goal seems to be to force Americans to accept without question any behavior from Muslims, no matter how outlandish.

Outlandish behavior like, oh, being Muslims.  Why can’t Muslims be normal white Christians like everybody else?  If they can’t, they only bring their woes upon themselves.  Is that it, Barbara?

Could it be that some of these spontaneous "incidents" have been carefully planned as part of the "desensitization of America" to Muslim behavior?

Barbara’s right.  We must be vigilent in our paranoid fears of customs which differ from ours.  Never give in to rationalization — let rampant paranoia guide you!

Toss a suspicious Muslim off a plane and the airline is threatened with a lawsuit from CAIR. The complaining passengers are belittled and berated for being nervous over "nothing."

Who are the people we are dealing with? In Iraq, followers of this "religion of peace" set off suicide bombs that killed about 200 of their fellow Muslims. In retaliation, six Muslims were dragged into the street and doused with kerosene and set on fire and mosques were blown up.

In Russia, a school was invaded by Muslims and over three hundred innocent people including 186 children were murdered.

Because white Christians never support bloodshed and murder.

In the Palestinian territory, a 57-year-old grandmother decided to become a suicide bomber and leave her nine children and 30 grandchildren behind. Her family is probably bursting at the seams with pride over the matriarchs "martyrdom" even though she didn’t succeed in killing anyone but herself.

Probably.  We don’t know for sure what her family is thinking, but we’ll just assume we know, because it supports our position.

It is apparent when dealing with many Islamics, that logic and rational thought is not at the top of their thought processes.

In Barbara Stock world, paranoia, fear, and stereotyping individuals based on their religion is both "logical" and "rational".

While there are many quite normal Muslims in this world, how does one know which ones are normal and which dream nightly of being martyrs for Allah?

"I say we shoot them all and ask questions later."

The ones standing in line with the dream of entering paradise by killing large numbers of infidels do not wear a sign around their necks.

So we just have to assume that they all are dangerous.

As we and the British have learned, all the hopeful Islamic bombers are not in Iraq or the Middle East. The good people of Madrid and Bali have also learned that not all Muslims are peaceful.

Islamic suicide bombers have even been school teachers and grandmothers. They have been young and old. Muslim cartoons show children the glory of dying, and teach that killing non-Muslims pleases Allah.

Here in America, the Islamic Free Thinkers have declared that Islam will not rest until America is ruled by Sharia law under the domain of Islam.

With all of this known, Muslims are still shocked and "humiliated" when their bizarre behavior gets them singled out?

When six imams who claim to have just left a three-day meeting trying to find a way to "build a bridge between Islam and Americans," badmouth America just prior to boarding a plane, they should not be stunned when that bridge burns down in front of them. Neither the passengers nor the airline is at fault. The fault lies with Muslims who want their aggression to be accepted as a normal part of life.

By praying, they were aggressive.  By asking for seatbelt extensions, they were agressive.  By sitting apart on the plane, they were aggressive.  By using the rest rooms on the plane, they are aggressive.  By criticizing the very country that discriminates against them because of their religion, they are aggrressive.  You see how terrible they are?

Suing those that refuse to accept this behavior will not build any "bridges," it will only blow them up. But then explosions are commonplace these days wherever there are large groups of Muslims.

Or even six of them.