Arrest Googling

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I love it when someone gets arrested.  You can google their name and learn all about them.

Today, for example, a guy named Chad Conrad Castagana was arrested for mailing white powder (fake anthrax) to Jon Stewart, David Letterman, Keith Olbermann, and prominent Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.

Doing a little "arrest googling" on Chad (who also uses the name "Marc Costanzo") yields this blog comment regarding Katherine Harris:

Chad Castagana Said: 8:29 am [ Quote ]

Congresswoman Katherine Harris is a remarkable lady !

She has perservered a lot to advance the Conservative Cause .

We Red-Bloooded Americans are obligated to support her, siritualy, not just politically !

Then there’s his profile on the very rightwing Free Republic website:

I am a lifelong Conservative Republican.

I have an Associates Degree in the Science of Electronics .

Ann Coulter is a Goddess and I worship Laura Ingraham and Michele Malkin .

English is the langauge of the United States of America- – our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution are written in the langauge that expresses our civilized freedoms .

Spanish is the language of Banana Republics, beyond that it belongs in a European country .

Ann Coulter a goddess??  Yikes.

Interestingly enough, he even commented on the fact that Olbermann was mailed anthrax.  Here:

Posted by marc costanzo to Politics4Fun
On News/Activism 10/30/2006 7:34:19 AM PST · 230 of 233

>>Not to make light of the situation, but drama queen Olbermann put on quite a production even after he’d been told the powder was harmless and checked out by doctors and told he was fine. He demanded that he be rushed to the hospital for more tests. I wouldn’t be even remotely surprised if he mailed it to himself. I’ve never seen someone more desperate for attention and approval.

I heard from a liberal blog that Olbermann was a prima donna at the hospital, giving the medical staff and the cops a hard time .

Keith is a whiny little b@tch !

Accepting that, I do not believe he sent it to himself .

But that is just guess work .

Yeah.  Sure it’s not "guesswork".  Loser.

UPDATE:  Others do some arrest googling, too.