Foley Blame Game & The Foley Effect

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I wish I had kept this list earlier, because then I could hyperlink to examples.

But off the top of my head, this is a short list of all the entities named by the right wing pundits on AM radio and the right blogistan who are actually responsible for Foley’s malfeasance:

  1. Demon alcohol
  2. Catholic priests
  3. Gay GOP staffers
  4. ABC’s Brian Ross
  5. Gay Democrats
  6. The culture of pedophilia (sanctioned by Democrats, especially Bill Clinton)
  7. The Internet (invented by Democrat Al Gore)
  8. The pages themselves, playing a "prank"

Rush Limbaugh and Matt Drudge are advancing the latest meme, even though other pages are coming forward.

Seriously, blaming anybody other that Foley for Foley is just as stupid as blaming recent school shootings on Harry Potter books.

Now, the CW spread by the media is that the Foley sex scandal is dragging the GOP down and will hurt them at the polls.  Time says so.

Well, maybe not.  Time looked at registered voters, not likely voters.

Besides, the GOP was in a freefall before the Foley scandal broke, and it was due to Iraq.  Check out the latest from Pew Research:


The big issue remains Iraq:


And here’s my favorite poll result:


I must say, I like the way things are looking.