“The Humiliation Is Complete”

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Over The Monster:

Posted Friday 8/18 in the morning, before Game 1:

Here we go. Five games. Four days. It’s mid-August, but it sure feels like a lot of the season rides on this series. GO SOX!

Posted Friday 8/18 in the early evening, before Game 2:

OK, so the first game went less than great. It went the way it was supposed to go, I guess. Their second best starter against a guy who’s since been DFA’d. Our offense didn’t help the case either, going a pathetic 0-16 with runners in scoring position. We can still take the series 4-1 right? Right?!

Posted Saturday 8/19 before Game 3:

Heartache reigns supreme in Red Sox Nation. In a do-or-die series, the team has laid down and died so far. Here’s hoping for a win in this game to turn things around. We can still take the series 3-2 right? Right?!

Posted Sunday 8/20 before Game 4:

Yeah, so I’m not gonna do the whole pep talk thing this time. Let’s just please salvage the series by taking the last two. Be the stopper, Curt. Just do it.

I went to bed last night with the Red Sox up by two runs in the 8th in the fourth game of the Red Sox-Yankees series.

What happened?  Check out the Boston Globe today:

How could it get worse?

Here’s how it could get worse. The Red Sox can’t hold a 5-3 lead entering the eighth. Derek Jeter fists a two-out game-tying single to right in the ninth. The Red Sox can’t score after getting the first two men on in the ninth. And Jason Giambi lines Craig Hansen’s third pitch of the 10th into the Red Sox bullpen for his second home run, and fifth RBI, of the night. Two batters later, Jorge Posada smashes another Hansen offering around the Pesky Pole for a insurance policy two-run homer. That’s how it gets worse.

It really doesn’t matter what David Wells does today. The humiliation is complete. The Red Sox are now six games behind the Yankees in the loss column, so you can forget about the American League East. And if you’re thinking wild card, be advised that the Red Sox are three behind the Twins and four behind the White Sox in that same loss column.

UPDATE:  Ooops.  Missed this part:

The sorry summation of the story is that right now the Yankees simply do not know how to lose to the Red Sox. They take whatever Boston dishes out and they trump it. If you want to go all historical and compare this to the debacle in 1978, I won’t be the one to stop you. But that Red Sox team got back in the race. This Red Sox team has one starting pitcher who engenders any confidence at all, and he has lost two well-pitched games in five days.

And please don’t embarrass yourself by referencing 2004, either. Just don’t.