Stick A Fork In Them. They’re Done.

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They’re even throwing in the towel over at the Red Sox Blog:

YankeessuckkidI’ve never thrown in the towel this early in the season before. I don’t even have plans for the weekend, and I usually plan things well in advance according to the broadcast schedule. Not anymore. Stick a fork in me. I’m done. I won’t be watching any baseball this weekend. Not unless the Sox sign that lefty from Columbus, Georgia, and give him a start. Or put that 6′ 8" Saudi Arabian kid at first. What are they feeding that boy? Virgins?

I’ve invested far too much emotional energy this year. Spent too many sleepless nights after late-inning collapses. I just can’t do it any more. I’ve divorced myself from the season and am looking forward to the winter meetings, spring training and the 2007 season.


It all fell apart so quickly after that extra-inning game in Chicago just before the All-Star break. The bum knees, wrists and backs. "The massacre." And now heart palpitations for the man carrying the team. [Here’s what he’s talking about – Ed.]

The Red Sox have the worst record in baseball during the month of August. In baseball! What else is there to say?