Is Michael Brown In Charge If Lebanon Evacuation?

Ken AshfordMiddle EastLeave a Comment

There were roughly 25,000 Americans in Lebanon when the bombs began.  A couple thou have been evacuated so far. What about the rest?

"We have an open line to all American citizens. We’re in touch with them by Web site. Those Americans who wish to leave will obviously go out," [Nicholas Burns, the U.S. undersecretary of state for political affairs] told CNN Tuesday.

Problem there, Nick.  Telephone service is spotty — both land lines and cellular networks are on-again, off-again in war-struck areas. Electricity is out in parts of Beirut and southern Lebanon, probably as a result of Israeli bombing runs which targeted civilian infrastructure, including power plants and transformers.

Anyway, those still awaiting evacuation don’t seem to feel very informed by our government:

"We are desperately trying to evacuate and have become more and more disappointed and angry with the way the evacuation is being handled," said Lina Fleihan of Greensboro, North Carolina. "We hear more about what’s going on from CNN than we do from the U.S. government and the American Embassy here."