Why Mandisa Got Voted Out

Ken AshfordPopular Culture1 Comment

Here’s the scuttlebutt from Mr. Furious at Shakespeare’s Sister:

The rumor was that she lost the "gay" vote because she made a comment about overcoming addiction and "lifestyles" before singing a gospel song a couple weeks before she was booted. Because everyone knows that only gay guys and little girls watch American Idol. Okay. So then in the post-failure media blitz that every reject goes through (one final hurrah before we never see their losery faces again), she is asked (even by serious, "hard-hitting" media such as The Advocate) – "where did it all go wrong, Mandissa, say it isn’t so, we hardly knew ye," blah blah. And then she gives the usual Christian backpedal, "I don’t hate anyone, I’m heartbroken, it’s a misunderstanding, Lordy mercy, etc." But when asked if she would ever perform at a gay event (as the more talented and much more gracious Kimberly Locke of the "Clay Aiken" season has done), Ms. Madness proclaims, "No, I do not advocate that," or some shit. When asked if she thought a gay person could be cured (a reference to her worship of some author of ex-gay propaganda), she said "I don’t know anything about that." Right. So she is basically telling us that although her pre-song comment had nothing to do with the "gay lifestyle," (something about food addiction) don’t get her wrong, she really is anti-gay. But don’t worry, she hates the sin, not the sinner. Much like I hate the Christianity, not the Christian.

Ultimately, I’m not buying it.  Millions of people vote every week, and I suspect that the gay voting bloc is not significant enough to effect the results (unless the tallies are very close).  I tend to agree with the closing point by Mr. Furious:

Could a few incensed fags topple Mandissa despite all these factors, a good two weeks after her supposed anti-gay comment? Nah. It’s just that her last performance sucked.