Staging The News?

Ken AshfordRace, Right Wing Punditry/Idiocy4 Comments

Michelle Malkin is up in arms because (according to her sources) NBC’s Dateline is looking for Muslim men to show up at public events with hidden cameras.  It’s all for a story about anti-Muslim sentiments in America.

Michelle writes:

The apparent "sting" involves targeting Nascar and other sporting events. ‘Cause that’s presumably where the fair and balanced NBC news staff thinks all the bigots are.

What is Michelle saying?  What is she worried about?

If they can’t find bigots at a NASCAR event, then NBC has no story, right?  And if these men experience bigotry, then — wouldn’t she have to agree — that there is a story?

Besides, Michelle is going beyond the ceiling of unhinged hypocrisy, seeing is how she’s been trying to get the mainsteam media to publish the Muhammad cartoons.

UPDATE:  When I say "Michelle Malkin", I mean "Michelle Malkin and/or her ghostwriter".

UPDATE 2:  Hmmmm.  Apparently, Michelle’s readers have devised a plan to foil NBC’s Dateline — a plan which includes acting nice to any Muslims they see at NASCAR events lest they be exposed as bigots.  Not to be normal, but to act nice.  Kind of speaks for itself.  For people who claim to have nothing to worry about, they certainly are cicling the wagons.  Ironically, I think the thesis of the dateline piece is already being demonstrated by these right wing buffoons.