Pharmacy Protests Escalate

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Not only are some pharmacists refusing to fill prescriptions for morning-after pills and contraceptives (on the basis that it violates their personal religious beliefs), but now there are reports that they are not filling prescriptions for things like antibiotics and vitamins.  Why not?  Because the prescriptions are being filled for womens’ health clinics which (among other things) also happen to conduct abortions.

Via Kevin Drum, who adds:

The only silver lining I can see to this stuff is that it presents a marketing opportunity for an aggressive pharmacy chain, which might be able to attract new business with a simple slogan: "We respect your privacy. We’ll fill all your prescriptions, and we’ll fill them with no hassles." I won’t hold my breath waiting, though.

Ezra offers a thought experiment:

Here’s a question: scientologists, who are recognized, for tax purposes, as a religious sect, do not believe in antidepressants. They believe in vitamins. How do you think society would react if a significant number of scientologist-pharmacists at major drug stores ceased filling prescriptions for Paxil and Prozac and began offering vitamins instead? And if you don’t think folks would be pleased, explain to me why it’s a different, more-pernicious state of affairs.