Gas UP; Bush DOWN

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Pollkatz plots the graphs (click on them to enlarge, and remember, UP means CHEAPER in these graphs):


For a detailed look:


And here’s the bad news for Bush:

The price of crude oil climbed higher into record territory Wednesday, topping $72 a barrel. The high cost of crude oil, along with seasonal refinery outages, is driving up prices at the gas pump.


"The bad news is the numbers are going to keep going up. We expect that gasoline over the next few weeks could go, on average, to $3.10, $3.20 a gallon," says spokeswoman Carol Thorpe of the American Automobile Association.

UPDATE:  Fox News — I’ll repeat — Fox News has its latest poll, putting Bush at the lowest number I’ve seen in any poll:  33%.  [Reminder: at the time Clinton was being impeached, his approval rating was 73%]