Easter For All

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This isn’t going to go down well with the Religious Right:

And, thanks to some pretty impressive advance planning by her two mommies, Colleen Gillespie and Alisa Surkis of Brooklyn, N.Y., Ella won’t be the only child with gay parents who’ll be scooting a colorful egg with a spoon on the White House lawn.

"As a parent, you want everything for your child," says Colleen Gillespie. "We want this event to tell our daughter that she is as welcome on the White House lawn as any other kid in the world."

It turns out, First Lady Laura Bush agrees.

"Mrs. Bush is the overseer of the event, and all families are welcome to attend," her spokesman Peter Watkins told me when asked about the hundreds of gay families who hope to roll eggs April 17.

So far, 250 gay families plan to go.

But, but, but . . . doesn’t Laura Bush know that Jesus was intolerant?  How could she allow children of gay parents to participate in festivities that celebrate Jesus’ death and resurrection — events like rolling eggs on a lawn?

Hmmmm, maybe this satirical article is a sign of things to come.