Coulter Schaudenfreude

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Ann Coulter on the 2000 Presidential elections:

Seventy-five percent of the voter/felons unearthed were registered Democrats(!). If that sample is representative — and 8 percent of all Florida voters is a lot more representative than the average Gallup poll — about 5,000 felons voted illegally in Florida’s election this year. Had those votes been excluded in a post-election contest — which is, incidentally, the purpose of a post-election contest — Bush would have netted another 2,500-vote advantage.

Exclude all the crooks from the Florida election, and Bush won by 13,430 votes — more than all the dimpled chads in the Florida Supreme Court’s fantasies.

Well, the 2000 election mess is fading into history, but not voter fraud in Florida. 

And who’s the numero uno fraudulent voter?

Why, it’s Ann Coulter!

You may already be aware of the story of how Ann, well, lied under oath about her address, and tried to vote in a county precinct that she didn’t live in.  One might initially attribute this to a mistake — you know, not knowing where the voting precinct was located — except that Ann used the address of her realtor, not her own address, on her registration.

But even if you know some of the story, you must go visit Brad Blog, who has obtained (and posted) all the revevant documents.