Bush Hearts Science

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Bush went to a magnet school in Maryland and told the students there that science was totally rad.  Well, he didn’t say that, but he said:

"We saw two scientists who are here from NASA. These are good, hard-working folks who said, ‘I kind of want to lend my expertise to try to convince a child that science is cool.’

"You know, sometimes — you might remember those days, when you were in middle school, people say, you know, science isn’t cool. Science is not only cool, it’s really important for the future of this country, and it’s great to have people we call adjunct professors here, to help lend their real-life experiences to stimulate junior high students to the wonders of science."

That’s right, kids.  Science is cool and important for the country.  So you should try to become scientists!

You could, for example, become an expert in global warming and be ignored or even censored by your government.

Or you can actually work for the government and become smart about toxic chemicals in the water. . . and be ignored.

Want to cure diseases?  That’s cool, too, but don’t expect to be given those little stem cells or anything like that.

Yes, this administration loves science, as long as it is totally made up and/or jibes with the party line.