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For no particular reason, I wanted to share this quote from the Rude Pundit:

In any sane nation, Rush Limbaugh would be a homeless junkie, shouting on street corners before he pissed himself again.

Also, for no particular reason, did you know that the Lord asks Pat Robertson to ask about other peoples’ sex lives?  Here’s a bit from an actual interview that Pat (PR) had with CBS’s Rita Braver (RB):

PR: And I said, "Tell me about your problem." And she said, "I’ve got this asthma." And I said, "Have you been to the (LAUGHTER) doctor?" And– and she said, "Yes. The doctor said my asthma was caused by praying with nuns." And I said, (LAUGHTER) "A doctor?"

RB: That sounds–

PR: "A doctor?"

RB: –that sounds like– (LAUGHTER) you should’ve advised her, "Maybe go see another doctor."

PR: There was– (LAUGHTER) well see– the– "A doctor told you this?" (UNINTEL) said, "Yes, that’s what my doctor told me." And I says, "There is no way that praying with nuns is gonna cause you– asthma." And then I prayed. And I said, "Lord, what’s wrong with her?" I just prayed silently. And the Lord said, "Ask about her sex life." And–

RB: The– the Lord said that to you?

PR: Yes, He said that to me. And I said, "There’s no way I’m going to ask a strange woman about her sex life." So I said– (COUGHS) "Excuse me for– being personal, but would you tell me about your marriage."

She said, "Oh, I have a wonderful marriage." I said, "You do?" She (UNINTEL PHRASE), "A wonderful husband, wonderful marriage. It’s just absolutely marvelous." I said, "You do?" She said, "Yes." So I prayed again. (LAUGHTER) I said, "Lord, what’s the matter?" And she– He said, "Ask her about her sex life."

RB: I– it’s hard to imagine the Lord–

PR: The– the–

RB: –saying this to you–

PR: –the Lord say– well He did.