American Idol Update: The Remaining Nine

Ken AshfordPopular CultureLeave a Comment

All I can say is: thank God for TIVO.

I’m with Simon — I don’t like country music.  And what little of it I do like, doesn’t involve Kenny Rogers (who looked like death warmed over).

It was the country constestent’s night to shine, and my girl Kellie did very good.  Bucky, the other country boy, probably saved his neck for another week.

Everybody was bearable at best.  I’m sorry, but country music is boring.  I was actually happy with Chris Daughtry, who showed he could sing a ballad without rocking out, and do it well.  I think Katharine McPhee really shined — she may have been the best of all last night.

Taylor Hicks — who I usually like — phoned it in, and I think he knew it.

It’s tough to say who will go.  I’m hoping Ace.  It may be Elliott though.