The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Ken AshfordRepublicansLeave a Comment

This whole Kallogian/Downtown Baghdad photo thing just keeps getting funnier and funnier.

Let’s recap:

(1)  On his website several months ago, Candidate for Congress Howard Kallogian tells how he "just got back" from Iraq, and despite what the media says, it is very peaceful there.  To make his point, he posts a picture of a street in "downtown Baghdad", which does indeed look peaceful.

(2)  Except his picture is from a street in Istanbul, Turkey.

(3)  Having been busted, he replaces the Istanbul picture with another picture.  This time the photo is Downtown Baghdad . . . from half a mile away . . . taken safely from a guarded hotel in the Green Zone (thus belying the argument that downtown Baghdad is really safe).

(4)  AND the new photo isn’t even recent.  It’s from July 2005, and some of the building in it have since been bombed to rubble!

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