The Germans Have A Word For Everything

Ken AshfordBush & Co.Leave a Comment’s word of the day is weltschmertz.

I dig this word, not only because it has six consonants in a row (can you name another?), but because it describes my current political temperature.  The word means:

World weariness; pessimism, apathy, or sadness felt at the difference between physical reality and the ideal state.

I look at the grisly, yet successful, maneuverings of Senators Frist and Roberts to virtually close down any serious Senate Intelligence Committee investigation into the NSA wiretapping, and I feel weltschmertz.

I look at the now-defunct Dubai Ports World deal, and feel weltschmertz.

On the other hand, when I read headlines like this one today — Bush Approval Rating Falls To A New Low — I feel — oh, what’s the word — schadenfreude.