Short Takes From The Right

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Shorter Leon Wolf: Even though pro-lifers would never support killing children with handicaps, they should be supporting it, which is why they’re such evil people.

Shorter Hindrocket: Dick Cheney is no Clay Aiken.  Just thought you should know.

Shorter Hindrocket:  Soldiers on active duty have always died from suicide, accidents, and so on.  So what’s the big deal if they die in Iraq?

Shorter Michelle Malkin: Look at me.  Look at me looking at them.  Aren’t we conservatives great?

And the best one:

Shorter Marie Jon:  I recently had a dream that Hillary Clinton became President.  As a result, there was a "new surge of growth and prosperity",  …"only peace and tranquility filled the day", …"crime had disappeared", and "sickness was a thing of the past".  It was a nightmare.