Separate Schools And Sex: Kaye Grogan

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Grogan0315It’s Wednesday, which means . . . time to check in on our favorite wingnut columnist — Kaye Grogan.

Today’s Renew America column from Kaye: "Maybe It’s Time To Separate Schools From Sex?"

Note the question mark.  We wonder why Kaye is being so tentative.  Oh, well.  Let’s dive in the pool of dimentia.

Is there a movement on to desensitize your children to sexual misconduct?


And who is behind flooding school libraries with obscene reading material?

Well, since we haven’t granted your premise — nobody.

Well, parents — don’t you think it’s way past time you found out?

Well, since we haven’t granted your premise — no.

Some children have been reprimanded for reading the Bible during recess, and yet this type of ungodly literature is acceptable? Good grief!

…Charlie Brown!

Maybe it’s time for separation of school and sex?

Maybe the question mark on Kaye’s keyboard is stuck?

While parents have been busy working trying to keep their children fed and clothed — the innocence of their children has been stolen away from them under the guise of sex education.

Best to keep teenagers innocent and ignorant about sex.  Because that leads to good results.

Just what kind of sex education classes are being taught, and who is teaching them?

Bondage for Beginners, taught by, oh, Mickey Rooney.

That’s just a wild guess, though.  We have to be honest here: we didn’t know there was going to be an exam.

After seeing the latest results — one has to wonder if producers and directors of porn movies have infiltrated schools as sex educators.

Results of what, exactly?  C’mon, Kaye.  Don’t be coy.

The rights of the parents should not end at the entrance of the school unless they are not paying taxes to keep those schools operating.

Fair enough.  But how to get past the hall monitor?

What really needs to end at the entrance of schools is sex-crazed teachers, principles, coaches, and anybody else molesting children.

Not to mention principals molesting children.

I am glad to see parents beginning to awaken from their stupor and challenge books like "Beloved" that has sexual perverseness, bestiality, and other highlights too filthy even for the gutter.

Like that other book . . . um . . . the Bible.

And by the way, Toni Morrison’s "Beloved" is not a book used in sex ed classes.

Parents and Christians should have smelled the coffee more than 30 years ago, when the Bible and prayer was removed from public schools.

Mandatory prayer, sweetie.

All one has to do is to look into the advocates behind these movements and they will see what is really going on behind the scenes.

Kaye is obsessed with behinds.

These misguided people want to influence the minds of your children to accept things that are evil and abnormal — as a normal way of life. They know that it’s much easier to brainwash children when they are young, impressionable, and vulnerable.

I haven’t read Beloved, but I know it deals with the perils of slavery.  So I’m pretty certain that it depicts rape and other cruelties as, you know, bad.   

Meanwhile, where in the Bible is slavery condemned?

For several years now, groups like the (PABBIS) Parents Against Bad Books in Schools, and Concerned Women of America have been alerting the public to the types of bad books in school libraries children are being exposed to.

While the other groups, like the Literate Parents Against Dangling Participles, get virtually ignored.

So, parents must accept that they are partly to blame by not insisting that schools maintain the highest form of integrity when selecting reading material for children and teens.

It’s their fault!

News that many teenagers are engaging in sex on school property is disgusting.

It’s the media’s fault!

But what is even more disgusting: is how many children are being molested by schoolteachers, coaches, and principles.

"Principles".  Sigh.  Maybe Kaye wants to separate schools and spelling, too?

It seems here lately, a day doesn’t go by that we don’t hear about another teacher being caught having sex with a minor — especially female teachers.

Hey.  Give props to Kaye for not spelling it "miner"!

Now I am not saying that all teachers can be shoved underneath the same wide umbrella.

"I’m just saying we should try it, for kicks"

The majority are fulfilling their obligation to educate children.

"It’s just the ones at the entrance of the school that we have to worry about.  Them and the principles."

But there are enough engaging in this type of despicable activity to be alarming, to say the least.

The least said, the better.

It’s getting really bad when the school personnel are the ones who need to be guarded instead of the children, so they won’t act inappropriately during school hours.

"Give me the good ol’ days when children molested teachers!"

Can the taxpayers afford a security guard in every classroom to keep the teachers in line?

In every classroom, Kaye?  Sounds like somebody is trying to shove all teachers underneath the same wide umbrella.

There are many advocating that the age of consent to have sex be lowered to age twelve. Now that’s really sick!. . . and shows there are many out there wanting to take advantage of children without being held (legally) accountable. Children that young have no business making such life altering decisions, that will affect them for many years.

Many?  Give me an example of one person advocating that.  Just one.

I was shocked to learn that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg favors lowering the age for consensual sex to twelve. Even for a radical liberal — this should be considered way over the line.

Well, let’s clear up that nonsense right now.

In 1974, before she was a Supreme Court Justice, Ginsburg (with a "u", Kaye) authored a report entitled "The Legal Status of Women Under Federal Law."  One section of Ginsburg’s report discussed "traditional sex discrimination" as it appears in legislation.  As an example, Ginsburg cited a 1973 Senate bill as an example of legislation that better "conform[ed] to the equality principle."  The bill dealt with rape, and defined rape several ways, including one where "the other person is, in fact, less than twelve years old."

Ginsburg point, germane to her report, was that the Senate bill use the phrase "the other person" as opposed to automatically assuming that the rape victim was female.  That was what she was approving — the gender-neutral language of the Senate bill.  She did not opine at all about the merits of the legislation.

Okay parents, now that the aroma of the coffee has finally made it up into your nostrils, the ball is now in your court.

Block that metaphor!

Are you up to balking the school system that has gotten out-of-hand and hold school boards and administrators accountable?

Sure!  We’re always up for a good balkin’!

As taxpayers, you have the power to shut the schools down by taking your children home, and keeping them there until the schools are cleaned up.

Somehow, we think that if we take take our kids out, the schools won’t exactly "shut down".

The American Library (ALA) is against censorship of any kind.

They’re probably pissed because someone stole the last word from their name.

Well, let them read the obscene books if they want to, while their minds decay at a rapid pace, but underage children should be shielded from those who are lacking scruples or moral values.   Sometimes people have to be protected against themselves — when they are out of the perimeters of plain decency.

We have to protect underage children from themselves?  Oh, so now it’s their fault!

Speaking of taking the Bible and prayer out of public schools: I have to wonder if atheist Madeline Murray O’Hare has found out by now in the hereafter if God is real? What do you think she would say if she could return to earth for just a few minutes?

She’d say that the Bible was wrong, since it predicted that Jesus (and not her) would be resurrected after death.

Somehow. . . I believe if given a second chance knowing what she knows now — Ms. O’Hare would be advocating putting the Bible and prayer back in schools . . . pronto!

This has been happening a lot with Kaye.  Last week, Kaye argued that Patrick Henry would repudiate his "Give me liberty or give me death" speech and support her position instead.  Now she claims to know what a dead atheist would say if she was suddenly resurrected. 

Kaye Grogan: So right that she can influence the dead.