Red America Dawns

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Responding to criticisms from the right about "liberal bias", the Washington Post has given a blog to a bigtime conservative named Ben Demonech.

This, of course, is a huge mistake.  When conservatives complain about "liberal bias" in the mainstream media, they are not begging for "balance".  Rather, they’re trying to bully and intimidate mainstream reporters into adopting — hook, line, and sinker — the GOP spin (regardless of whether it is factual or not). 

Frankly, conservative media dominates AM radio.  An entire cable news network has an open conservative slant.  And even shows which claim to have objective balance?  They overwhelming book conservative pundits more so than liberal or mainstream one.  But that doesn’t stop the mainstream media from running like babies for the bogus "liberal bias" label.

So to avoid the "liberal bias" label, CNN hires Glenn Beck and Bob Bennett.  MSNBC ditches Phil Donahue and hires Michael Savage.

And now WaPo, who already has columnists George Will and Charles Krauthammer, adds another conservative to its ranks: Ben Demonech.  Who is Demonech?  From his WaPo bio:

After 9/11, he abandoned the journalism field for a taxpayer-funded life and was sworn in as the youngest political appointee of President George W. Bush. Following a year as a speechwriter for HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson and two as the chief speechwriter for Texas Senator John Cornyn, Ben is now a book editor for Regnery Publishing, where he has edited multiple bestsellers and books by Michelle Malkin, Ramesh Ponnuru, and Hugh Hewitt.

Oh, great.  Well, let’s take a gander at his first blog post at "Red America" for WaPo, and see how long he can go before the lies and deceptions start:

This is a blog for the majority of Americans.

Shit, that didn’t take long.

Since the election of 1992, the extreme political left has fought a losing battle. Their views on the economy, marriage, abortion, guns, the death penalty, health care, welfare, taxes, and a dozen other major domestic policy issues have been exposed as unpopular, unmarketable and unquestioned losers at the ballot box.

Bob, the problem with seeing an election result as a refereundum on ALL those domestic issues is this: when Democrats win, it means that you will have to concede that Republicans are on the wrong side of all those issues.  Are you ready for that?

Oh, and Bob.  Take a gander at a poll every once in a while.  The liberal/Democratic position on ALL those issues, as well as Iraq, constitutes the plurality, if not the majority, of Americans.