Pro-Life Art

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This sculpture is entitled "Monument to Pro-Life: The Birth of Sean Preston", by Daniel Edwards.  It is being hailed as the first sculpture honoring the pro-life movement, and was funded in part by the Manhattan Right To Life Committee.

Sean Preston, for those not in the know, is the son of pop icon Britney Spears, and yes, that is Britney giving birth to him on a bearskin rug (which totally ruins bearskin rugs for me now). 

According to the press release:

Natural aspects of Spears’ pregnancy, like lactiferous breasts and protruding naval, compliment a posterior view that depicts widened hips for birthing and reveals the crowning of baby Sean’s head.

Now, I’m a pretty anything-goes person — especially when it comes to the arts.  But even I’m put off by this sculpture a little bit.  I have a hard time believing that American Family Foundation and the rest of the religious right are going to get, um, behind this.