New High School Reality Series

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This could be very amusing, or crashingly boring.

Lifetime is going to have a reality show where high school kids run for class president.  The twist?  James Carville and Mary Matalin will act as their campaign advisors.  The details:

Most high school election campaigns are decided over bake sales and banners. Not so for the Washington-area students at the focus of Lifetime Television’s new reality show Election. Seasoned political strategists–and spouses–JAMES CARVILLE, 61, who helped orchestrate Bill Clinton’s winning campaign in 1992, and MARY MATALIN, 52, a longtime adviser to Dick Cheney, have signed on to counsel the candidates for school president. Will this be the most serious student campaign ever? "I don’t think there will be a media campaign," says Matalin. Adds Carville: "The real trick with any 61-year-old dealing with any 16-year-old is to get them to listen to a word you say. I’m remarkably unsuccessful with my own."