Neil Cavuto – Suffering From Mental Illness?

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I’m not saying he is — I’m just asking.

You have to laugh at Fox’s Neil Cavuto.  Apparently, his show is the trial balloon output portal of the Republican wingnut noise machine (which runs on KoolAid).

Just last Friday, they were having a discussion in which the following issue was discussed:


Note the question mark.  That’s the Fox News way of telling us: "We’re not saying that all-out civil war is a good thing; we’re only asking if it might be.  It shows how open and reasonable we are to things — like intelligence design and so forth."

Today Neal Cavuto’s show returned to the topic of civil war in Iraq, and suggested that it doesn’t exist.  In fact it said asked:


That’s right.  The leftist media made up the civil war, which is a good thing, unless it’s a bad thing.  Oh hell.  I don’t know.  This is as scattershot as Whittington’s face.