Nathan Tabor – Hypocrite

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Nathan Tabor, today, writing about PETA’s exhibit entitled ""Are Animals the New Slaves?":

And it seems that PETA wants to do something else. It’s fully prepared to use the pain of slavery and the Holocaust to try to push its questionable agenda.

Yeah, I know what you mean, Nathan. 

Different issues shouldn’t be conflated as if they are one and the same.  It’s kind of like using the pain of slavery to push one’s views about pornography.  Or arguing that abortion and illegal immigration are really the same issue.

RELATED: In the same article today, Nathan scribes this gem:

What about the lack of compassion for innocent human babies who fall victim to abortion? Apparently, that’s not on PETA’s radar screen.

Well, gosh, you’re right, Nathan.  And the Council For A Drug-Free America hasn’t weighed in on the Iraq War either.

I can’t believe I have to see "Elect Nathan Tabor for Congress" signs in my neighborhood for the next few months.