Mysterious Animal Stalking NC

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Sploid reports:

WhatsisA bizarre creature is haunting the workers at North Carolina’s Tyco Electronics campus, and they’ve got the amazing pictures and video to prove it.

Skeptics immediately dismissed the animal as a "fox with mange" or a Mexican hairless dog known as the Xoloitzquintle, but Tyco employees are having none of it.

Witnesses describe the mystery beast as much bigger than a fox or even the Mexican Hairless, a rare breed that reaches a maximum height of just 23 inches and is usually much smaller.

And instead of a sickly, mangy fox, they say their beast is "beautiful."

The high-tech Tyco campus is a huge woodsy property in Fuquay-Varina, 10 miles from downtown Raleigh. The Tyco Animal has been spotted many times over the past two months as it strides through the fields or creeps stealthily through the brush.