It’s Istanbul, Not Constantinople Iraq

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Howard Kallogian, a Republican congressional candidate in California’s 50th District (to replace the now-indicted "Duke" Cunningham) goes to Baghdad, and reports how calm and peaceful it is.  Therefore, the press is making shit up.  To prove his point, Kallogian posts a picture (that he supposedly took) on his website.  Here’s the picture he posted:


Wow, downtown Baghdad does look peaceful.  Couples in western style clothing, holding hands, etc.

Why, the downton Baghdad picture almost looks like this neighborhood in the Istanbul suburb of Bakirkoy (which is in Turkey, not Iraq):


Yes, those two photos look a LOT alike!!!


Major props to Josh Marshall (who created the comparison graphic).

UPDATE:  Read it at TPM

UPDATE #2:  E&P covers the story.

UPDATE #3:  Hilarious.  Check out the "replacement photo" that Kallogian used to make his point that downtown Baghdad was safe.  It seems quite obvious that he didn’t even leave the safe confines of his Green Zone hotel!