Idol Update

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BuckyWell, a bad salad (I’m guessing) got be bedridden, so I missed American Idol last night, but (as the 21st century phrase goes), I TIVOed it.

A quick zip through the recording. FRzzzzzbrzzzzzzppp!

Looks like it’s Bucky’s night to go.  He’s just not bringing it.  Even the A-gamers were a little off last night, and Bucky just didn’t rise to their level even then.

So I think he’s history.  Unfortunately, that means I have to endure that smamry little Chicken Little puke for another week.  Ugh.

KevinUPDATE:  Well, Bucky had the second lowest votes, and Kevin "Chicken Little" Covais was booted.

There is a God.

No, I mean, he’s a nice kid, but  . . . you know . . . American Idol?

For my money, we can get rid of Ace and Bucky in the next couple of weeks.  Then we have a real competition.