Idol Update

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ChrisWell, the guys’ turn was tonight.  As a whole, they are generally stronger than the woman, and I will be surprised if the ultimate winner this year is one of the gals.

That said, most of the guys were also a disappointment.  It’s pretty easy to separate the wheat from the chaff.

First of all, can we just close up shop and declare Chris Daughtry the winner?  Because if nobody steps up soon, this is a cakewalk for him.  The local Fox affiliate is all over him (because he’s from North Carolina).  The teaser for tonight’s news is all about Chris — they’re going to show his video.  Yup, he’s in a band, and his experience shows.

The other heavy guy contenders (roughly in order of my preference) remain Taylor Hicks, Bucky Covington, Elliott Yamin,  and Gedeon McKinney. 

Two North Carolinans in contention.  Way to go, um, dogs.  In fact, all five contenders are southerners (NC, AL, NC, VA and TN, respectively) and all the rest are not.

On the "chaff" side, the "cute" Kevin Covais has got to go, and soon.  He’s not that cute, and he’s not talented enough.  In fact, he’s beginning to bug me.  David Radford’s crooner schtick has worn its welcome with me, too.  I suspect they’ll be the next ones to go.

I always thought that Ace Young and Jose "Sway" Penala were overrated, and they proved it this week (especially Sway).  Even though I can’t stand Will Makar’s "Bobby Brady" looks, he did better than I expected this week, but I still find him too bland.