Global Warming Beautiful, But Real

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I’ll let ScienceBlogs tell the story:

Well, despite the fact that the George Bush Gang has been shushing scientists who dare to disagree with his administration’s fantastical world view, now an entire governmental agency has come out and stated that global warming is occurring.

Two studies were recently published, documenting changes in the Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets, confirming that climate warming is changing how much water remains locked in Earth’s largest storehouses of ice and snow (Greenland pictured below). As if there could be any doubt regarding their conclusions, NASA recently published a satellite study of both regions and goes so far as to directly tie these changes to global warming, describing the survey as "the most comprehensive" ever for both regions.

Based on satellite mapping of ice sheets, published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Glaciology, the survey validated computer models projecting the effects of global climate change on Earth. In the NASA press release, the study’s lead author, Jay Zwally said of the data;

If the trends we’re seeing continue and climate warming continues as predicted, the polar ice sheets could change dramatically. The Greenland ice sheet could be facing an irreversible decline by the end of the century.

Unfortunately, NASA did not go so far as to directly link global warming to human burning of fossil fuels, which emit carbon dioxide, a key greenhouse gas. As a result, it is possible that the Bush Gang will claim that warming is due to cow farts, echoing claims from an earlier administration.

My question; how long it will take to silence NASA?

This is a picture of a meltwater stream flowing into a large moulin in the ablation zone (area below the equilibrium line) of the Greenland ice sheet.  [Photo by Roger J. Braithwaite, The University of Manchester, UK.]