Family Values: Utah Edition

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If Utah legislators have their way, a father can rape his daughter, and by law, she will have to get his approval if she wants to abort the child.

I’m glad Amanda Marcotte wrote something about this, because I am speechless:

What I find interesting about anti-choice thinking is that while they adamantly deny that what’s in a woman’s body is hers to control, there’s apparently no problem with the idea that separate, sentient human beings exist for male disposal so long as those beings have vaginas, and the only issue now is figuring out what woman is the property of which man. Utah legislators demonstrated this Monday.

Incest is no exception to a father’s right to know what’s going on in his daughter’s life.

That was the message from Utah lawmakers who refused Monday to make an exception for incest victims in a proposed law that would require parental consent and notification before a girl’s abortion.

By god, you rape your daughter and she better stay raped! What’s state power for if not to help patriarchal asswipes get their rocks off raping and forcing pregnancy on their very own teenage girls? What the hell do you think god made daughters for if not extra concubines to rape for yourself or sell to your friends?