American Idol Update: 21st Century

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This week, the theme was "21st century songs".  The remaining ten Idol finalists had to pick and perform a song from this century.

And, if nothing else, tonight’s show confirmed one thing for me: 21st century music sucks.

That said, almost the entire show was a disappointment.  Sharp and flat notes, coupled with bland performances, ruled the evening.

I was disappointed with Kelly Pickler, a real sweetheart country girl, doing an amazingly boring country song.  A few weeks ago, she was a "mynx".  Now she just stinks.  She better turn it around.

The greatest fall by far was Chris Daughtry.  A terrible Creed song, sung waaaaaay off pitch.  He’s got a great tone in his voice; I wish he would perform songs that have more than one note in them.

I told someone earlier today that I thought this was going to be Bucky Covington’s last week.  But he did better than usual tonight.  Still not great, but on a par with most of the others.

So who’s going?

The only "wow" person for me tonight was Paris Bennett.  So she’s safe. 

Taylor Hicks was very good, as always (although not his best). 

Katharine McPhee didn’t blow me away, but she was entertaining.  Same with Elliott Yamin.

Both Mandisa and Chris Daughtry were way below their best, but they’ll get through because they’ve been so good for so many weeks.

I would love to see Ace should go — he’s way overrated — but he’s got a pretty solid base (I’m guessing), and so does Kelly Pickler (a base which includes me). 

Bucky, as I said before, will probably squeak by, although he’ll be in the bottom three.

So that leaves Lisa Tucker.  She’s been in the bottom three before (so, not a strong base), she went first tonight (always a disadvantage), and she was actually very bad, if not the worst.  She’s pleasant enough, and she’s got some experience (she apparently was in the stage version of "The Lion King").  But she’s only sixteen, and I think her youth is getting the best of her.  She’s no dynamo, so it’s time to go.