Trick Question

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MyDD commissioned a poll.  One of the questions was this:

Q14. Given events since the invasion, do you support the decision to maintain a U.S. combat force of over 100,000 troops in Iraq for the next few years?

                                           All       Dem      Rep      Ind
Strongly Support        15.6        5.2      29.2  13.7
Support                           38.2      28.2     49.3    38.0
Oppose                            24.0      30.7    16.0     24.6
Strongly Oppose         22.2      35.9        5.6     23.7

Okay.  That’s pretty much what you expect.   Republicans tend to want to stay; Democrats don’t.

Then they asked a question based on the "Murtha Plan" — the plan suggested by Democratic Senator John Murtha.

Except, the poll didn’t call it the "Murtha Plan".  It just described the plan.  The result?

Q15. A new troop deployment plan was proposed recently. The plan is to withdraw US troops from Iraq but to keep them close by in neighboring countries like Kuwait to be sent back in if they are needed to maintain civil order. Do you, strongly support, support, oppose or strongly oppose this new troop deployment plan for Iraq?

                                            All       Dem      Rep      Ind
Strongly Support        11.8        8.8      17.9       9.5
Support                           51.5      50.5      46.8     56.4
Oppose                            22.3      25.1      23.6     18.7
Strongly Oppose         14.4      15.6       11.8     15.4

Yup.  64% of Republicans support or strongly support the Murtha Plan.

It’s amazing what you find out when you remove political bias.