The Results Are In

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Conservative blogger (and Penn U. cultural studies professor) Michael Berube constantly rails against supposed "liberal bias" on college campuses.  Here’s his post from yesterday, for example.

Conservative online mag picks up Michael Berube’s meme, and asks readers to vote for the "worst professor in America".  Berube has encouraged his blog readers to vote.

Here are the top five results of the "Worst Professor in America" to date:

School Professor Votes
Michael Berube Penn State University 150693
John Bellamy Foster University of Oregon, Eugene 77951
Eric Foner Columbia University 26070
Timothy Shortell Brooklyn College 11329
Jerry Lembcke Holy Cross College 11123

Perhaps Michael should just shut up.

(By the way, Howard Zinn currently has 660 votes and Noam Chomsky has 669 — table scrapings compared to Berube).