Steves Still Winning

Ken AshfordEducation, GodstuffLeave a Comment

The Discovery Institute has updated its list of supposedly "eminent" scientists who have signed a statement disagreeing with "Darwinism".  The list now has over 500 names.

One of them is not Robert Davidson, who I wrote about back here: Davidson was a scientist and Christian who felt that he was bamboozled into signing the lilst, especially since he believes in the "overwhelming evidence" of evolution.

But back when I wrote that, the Discovery Institute list was just over 400 names.  So they’ve obviously grown.

Many of these scientists are not learned in the fields of biology or chemistry.  As you can see from the Discovery Institute’s list (PDF), you have computer scientists, PhDs in philosophy, and structural engineers.

But that’s beside the point.  As I wrote elsewhere, the notion that you can legitimize pseudoscience by listing a bunch of names of "scientists" who believe in it, is silly.  That is the meta-point of "Project Steve", something I’ve written about before.  "Project Steve" mocks the Discovery Institute list by creating its own list of scientists, using the same criteria, who accept the fact of evolution. 

Except, to make it a fair fight, "Proect Steve" limits its signers to scientists named Steve (or a variation thereof — Stefan, Stephanie, etc.)

So, since the Discovery Institute list was on my radar, I thought I would check in on Project Steve.  Does it have more signers than the 500 on the anti-evolution Discovery Institute list?

Yup.  There are over 700 scientists — just named Steve — who accept evolution, beating out the 500 from "Darwin dissenters" (of any name) from the Discovery Institute.

So I guess evolution wins.  Next.