Run That By Me Again?

Ken AshfordRight Wing Punditry/Idiocy1 Comment

Feminist-obsessed, UNC-Wilmington criminology professor "Dr." Mike Adams, writing at conservative Townhall:

The liberal reaction to Cheney’s accident may vary slightly from liberal to liberal but there is one common characteristic; namely, these liberals feel morally superior because they’ve never shot someone on a hunting trip.

Actually, he’s right.  I do feel somewhat morally superior for, you know, never having shot people in the face.   

Although, in my defense, I don’t think there’s a connection between that sense of moral superiority and my liberal political leanings.

How does Cheney’s accident make you feel, perfesser?  Morally inferior?  Even jealous perhaps?

Of course, the fact that the dancing liberals have never gone hunting doesn’t seem to attenuate these feelings of moral superiority.

Paul Begala notwithstanding, I suppose.  Way to generalize to the point of absurdity and crass deception.

Similar logic would lead a 12-year-old to brag about his clean driving record or a blind man to boast that he’s never downloaded pornography.

Or a man opining with smugness on the subject of abortion rights?

I’ll make you a deal, "doctor".  When you get off your high horse about what women should and shouldn’t be doing with their bodies and conscience, I’ll back off on my insistence that hunters not shoot other members of their hunting party.