Racism 2006

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In his post about the thinly-veiled racism underyling the conservative outrage about the King funeral, Digby channels the right wing (slightly editted for clarity sake):

Fuck the blacks. They don’t vote for us anyway.

But then, there’s always some good reason to fuck the blacks isn’t there?

Hiring minorities is a problem because:

1955 – They are an inferior race
1965 – They aren’t good workers
1975 – They make old white customers uncomfortable
1985 – Affirmative action means their diplomas are bogus
1995 – They are a litigation risk for discrimination

[And now….]

2006: They don’t know how to behave in public.

UPDATE:  Could the embarassment of Bush at the King funeral have led to this?:

Claude A. Allen, the president’s domestic policy adviser, turned in his letter of resignation today at the White House, the Bush administration acknowledged tonight.

This may have been an inauspicious week for the highest-ranking African-American staffer in the White House to call it quits – the day after the president appeared at the memorial service for Coretta Scott King, and at a time when Bush is attempting to improve his administration’s relations with the black community.

MORE:  From a commenter at FireDogLake:

Is there a hotline for black people to call to get eulogy approval? Or approval on how to behave during a hurricane? Or for approval on how many kids we have? Or for what we name our kids? That would make my life so much easier, even though I don’t work, but I still have kids and they don’t have fathers, but I digress.

As an uneducated black woman, and by uneducated I mean that I want to learn how not offend the likes of Kate O’Beirne, Tucker Carlson, Chris Matthews, Don Imus, Matt Drudge and any other offendables, even if they themselves have made racist comments or done things to hurt the world. Oooops, I should remember my place. Sorry about that last dig. I did not mean it.