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GoldendomeI think that in a few years’ time, we’ll look back on today’s Golden Dome bombing and recognize it as the spark that ignited the Iraqi Civil War (all capital letters).

This was not some equivalent of a church bombing in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  To Iraqi Shiites, this is the equivalent of bombing St. Paul’s in New York, or the National Cathedral.

UPDATE:  This is not good

In one ominous sign of how Shiites may react, Iraq’s top Shiite cleric and the country’s vice president hinted that local armed militias might play a bigger role in security in future, if the government can’t protect such holy shrines.

Both Sunnis and the United States fear the rise of such militias, which Sunnis view as little more than death squads. American commanders believe they undercut U.S. efforts to create a professional Iraqi army and police force — a key step toward the eventual drawdown of U.S. forces.