Or You Could Get A Girlfriend…

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157Kevin McCormick had an epiphany one day:

One day, I had to face the facts:  I had no idea how to dress myself.  After going through old yearbooks and photographs, I came to the stunning realization that I needed serious help with my wardrobe.  So, at first I did what most people would do.  I went to others for advice.  It was good, but limited.

So Kevin went the extra mile. 

He created a website, called dresskevin.com, posted pictures of all of his shirts, pants, jeans, etc., and asked readers to dress him . . . daily, by simply clicking on the items. 

Sometimes, he’s dressed more than once per day, if, say, he’s going to work and then clubbing in the evening.

As of this writing, for example, we are asked to dress Kevin for a trip to the gym on Wednesday afternoon.  (Kevin helpfully provides the weather – it’s going to be roughly 50 degrees and partly cloudy)

With each article of clothing, he also lists the last time he wore it ("I wore this 19 days ago"), so that readers won’t have him wearing the same thing over and over again.

It looks like a lot of women are enjoying playing "dress-up" with Kevin, which only goes to prove . . . um . . . something.

Pictured at the right is Kevin, with what his readers selected for him to where to work today (2/22/06).