Idol Update

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KellieI had to mostly agree with the judges on the ten remaining women.  A lot of bad song choices, and some lackluster performances overall.

Lisa Tucker and Paris Bennett had a slightly off-week, but they still are my favorites. 

I (like everyone else) was charmed by North Carolina’s Kellie Pickler — pictured right — who, in retrospect, I sold short last week.  It was clearly her night to shine.  I think her nerves will, in the end, be her undoing, but I think (I hope) she’ll be around a while. 

Mandisa clearly has some pipes, but she just doesn’t do anything for me performance-wise.   The same for Katharine McPhee.  Something’s not quite reaching me with either one.

And Ayla Brown is by far the most interesting.  The judges — especially Simon — pegged her exactly right.  Not a natural, but if she wins, it’s because she works hard and is successful at everything she does.  And if Idol doesn’t pan out for her, she should run for political office.  Or enter the Olympics.  Or something.  There’s nothing she can’t do.