Halliburton Overcharges; U.S. Pays Anyway

Ken AshfordCorporate Greed, IraqLeave a Comment

It kind of makes you wonder what these people are thinking.

Halliburton had a contract with the U.S. Army to deliver fuel and repair oil in Iraq.  (It actually was one of many no-bid contracts that Hallilburton has with the government with respect to Iraq).

The contact was for $2.4 billion, but Halliburton overcharged Uncles Same by $236 million.  Obviously, since our government is run by responsible fiscal conservatives, the Bush Administration refused to pay for the overcharge of $236 million, right?  Right?

Citing Army officials, the [New York] Times said the military had decided to pay Halliburton engineering and construction unit Kellogg Brown & Root (KBR) all but $10 million of the costs which Pentagon auditors had identified as potentially inflated or unsupported by documentation.

Unbelieveable.  So far, the folks at Porkbusters are silent.