GOP Ethics Reform Off To A Questionable Start

Ken AshfordRepublicansLeave a Comment

In order to extricate itself from the taint of curruption left by DeLay and Abramoff, the GOP voted Rep. John Boehner to be the majority leader in the House last week.

Boehner’s legislative work has focused on helping small businesses, i.e., fighting minimum-wage increases, supporting small-business tax breaks and tax-free savings accounts to help cover insurance costs.

Boehner’s primary residence is in West Chester, Ohio, but for $1,600 a month, he rents a two-bedroom basement apartment near the House office buildings on Capitol Hill owned by a guy John Milne.

Who is John Milne?  Why, he’s a D.C. lobbyist whose clients include small businesses and insurance companies — coincidentally, the very people that Boehner champions.  Ooops.