Fox News Answers All Your Questions

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A typical day for Fox.

Hume asked Cheney the pressing question — I’m not kidding — of whether or not he hit the bird.  Jeez.  Like that old joke "Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?", except it’s, you know, real

[UPDATE:  Shakespeare’s Sister’s line is good, too: "Mrs. Kennedy, did you at least get to do some shopping before you left Dallas?"]

To Cheney’s remarkable credit, he basically answered that he didn’t know and didn’t care.

And even though a 78 year old man with a faceful of buckshot is hospitalized and recovering from a minor heart attack because the Veep shot him in the face, Fox’s Neil Cavuto wants to know how Dick Cheney is doing:


The transcript:

CAVUTO: This is a Fox News alert. The lawyer accidentally hit by Vice President Dick Cheney suffering a mild heart attack this morning. Doctors say he’s doing just fine and could be released in a week. Meanwhile, the White House press corps again beating a dead horse as it tries to find out why they were not told right away about the Vice President’s hunting accident. Not one person bothering to ask, in the meantime, how Dick Cheney’s feeling about all this. After all, he’s a human being and injuring someone else in an accident can take a huge toll. With us now someone who knows the Vice President pretty well. Ron Christie is a former Cheney advisor and author of Black in the White House. Good to have you back my friend.

The sycophancy is nauseating.