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Conservative Ann Coulter lobs her usual grenades at the Democratic Party in her column today, and contrasts it with the Republican Party. 

The title of her column is "Fork Replaces Donkey As Democratic Party Symbol", although I don’t understand (and Coulter never explains) the fork reference.  Maybe it has something to do with abortion, but frankly, that doesn’t make much sense.  The Democratic Party supports safe and legal abortions, as opposed to dangerous back-alley self-abortions committed with . . . um, forks.   So, I really honestly don’t understand what she’s thinking with the "fork" thing.

Anyway, in the course of her incoherent rambling, she tosses out this gem:

Andrew Jackson, the father of the Democratic Party, may have had some unpalatable goals, but at least they were big ideas. Wipe out the Indians, kill off the national bank and institute a spoils system. Love him or hate him, he never said, "I’ll be announcing my platform sometime early next year." The Whigs were formed in opposition to everything Jackson stood for.

The Republican Party emerged from the Whigs when the Whigs waffled on slavery. (They were "pro-choice" on slavery.) The Republican Party was founded expressly as the anti-slavery party, which to a great extent remains their position today.

How’s that for a political slogan?  "Today’s Republican Party: Still Against Slavery For The Most Part".