Question Of The Day

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From UK’s The Sun, the lede paragraphs:

DOPY Gary Telford showed drunken pals how he caught his manhood in a mouse trap — and did it again.

Pub manager Gary, 32, was in agony after the party piece went wrong.

Amazingly it was the SECOND time he has been taken to casualty after getting his privates mangled in the stunt.

The first accident happened at the age of 14 when a schoolboy prank went wrong. He needed 14 stitches to fix his wounded willy.

The key quote:

"I must be the only bloke in Britain to have caught my bits in a mousetrap not once but twice. … It is completely and utterly embarrassing."

My question of the day (directed to Gary):  If it’s so "completly and utterly embarrassing", why are you telling the media all about it?