Nathon Tabor Update

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John Plecnik writes a piece promoting Nathan Tabor, the wingnut running for State Senate in my district.  World O’Crap has some fun:

Who is Nathan Tabor?

We answered that on Friday.

In his home state of North Carolina, Nathan is known as a self-made, small businessman who ran for congress.

I believe that even in NC, Nathan is known as a wingnut (but I will defer to the North Carolinians out there). 

But hey, how can Nathan possibly be called a "self-made, small businessman"?  He was given a VP position in the family business founded his brother, the doctor.  Nathan’s personal net worth has been estimated at between $1 million and $5.1 million.

John, honey, I know that Nathan says that he’s a small businessman, but I don’t think that even he claims to be "self-made."  I expect better from somebody who was homeschooled from cradle to college.

In an eight-way primary—one of the most expensive in American history—Nathan raised over $850,000 and received over 7,500 votes.

Well, per Open Secrets, Nathan raised about $276,000 from individuals and PACs.  And he "raised" $482,000 of his own money for his campaign.  That makes him quite the fundraiser!

In any case, if we use Nathan’s figures, it cost him about $113 a vote — is that considered good in political circles?

Great reputation? Yes.

Yes, he is known as one of our country’s finest wingnuts.

Right for Senate? Yes.

Some Senate, sure.  Maybe the Senate of Mrs. Johnson’s fourth grade class.

But who is Nathan Tabor? Nathan is a Christian. Nathan is a conservative. And Nathan is a loving father and family man.

He’s lived the American dream. And Nathan is fighting to ensure the same is possible for his daughter, and yours.

Forget about my daughter (she’s on her own); I want Nathan to fight to get me the same American dream he’s lived.  You know, the one where your mother makes your brother give you a job in his food supplement business — and before you’re 30, you’re a millionaire with plenty of time on your hands to run wingnut sites and run for various offices! 

If he will promise to get something comperable for me, then I will consider voting for him (sorry, Yosef), if I ever end up living in Kernersville.