Sago Genesis

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(1) West Virginia coal firms raised $275,000 for Bush.

(2) The Bush administration cut 170 positions from federal Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) and has not proposed a single new mine-safety standard or rule during its tenure.

(3)  Only 1 miner survives West Virginia coal mine incident.

Now, am I suggesting that Bush is responsible for the Sago explosion?  Of course not.  He’s no more responsible for that than he is for creating a hurricane called Katrina, which subsequently causes levees to break. 

But both incidents should provide an abject lesson in what happens when people who disdain government are put in charge of a government.

UPDATE:  Here’s the quote of the day, although it is nearly five years old.  It comes from a Washington Monthly article in their Jan/Feb 2005 edition:

At the annual meeting of the West Virginia Coal Association a few months after Bush’s inauguration, the group’s director told 150 industry executives, “You did everything you could to elect a Republican president. [Now] you are already seeing in his actions the payback.