If The Government Does It, Why Shouldn’t You?

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Bored on the Internet? (You must be — you’re reading this blog).  Since peering in on other people’s private lives and conversations is so in vogue these days, maybe you should embrace it and check out these cyberplaces:

(1)  PostSecret: A blog of sorts where anybody can mail in a postcard and share (anonymously, of course) their dark secrets and confessions.  It is, according to Technorati, the third most popular blog on the Internet.  And it’s also a book, and a travelling art exhibit.



(2)  Overheard in New York:  Another very popular website in which people record and send in snippets of conversations they overhear as they make their way through the Big Apple.  Not family-friendly, sometimes hilarious, sometimes slightly disturbing.  A sample:

Teen Asian boy: So, the spelling bee–

Teen Indian girl: Was one of the kids Indian?

Teen Asian boy: Yeah, there was an Indian kid and a white kid.

Teen Indian girl: So typical. My parents entered me in a spelling bee and I was fucking horrible.

Teen Asian boy: Ha, ha, ha! Anyway, there were those two kids and I just wanted to throw PlayStations at them and yell, "I’m setting you free! I’m setting you free!"

–McDonalds, Union Square

Overheard by: Rachel W.

(3)  Overheard In The Office:  More slices of life just like "Overheard In New York", and otherwise pretty self-explanatory.  Not as popular as its predecessor, but still amusing at times:

Boss: You know what my problem is? I’m too nice a guy. I fired [Lenore] this morning. I should’ve kept her on till the end of the day, but then I would’ve felt like I was using her. I’m an idiot.

Salesperson: That’s two problems.

— Naperville, Illinois