God’s Predictions For 2006

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At this time of year, a lot of people like to make their political predictions for 2006.

Seems like an awful waste of time.  God is omniscient and already knows what will happen.

And we know what God’s predictions are, because he speaks to Pat Robertson, and Pat tells the rest of us.

On his “700 Club” program today, Robertson revealed his recent conversation with God in which the deity shared with the televangelist the upcoming events of the year. Robertson, founder of the Christian Coalition, is a long-time booster of Bush and conservative Republican politics. He has also advocated confirmation of Alito and stacking the federal courts with justices who oppose church-state separation, reproductive rights and gay rights.

In his report today, Robertson said, “Bush is going to strengthen in 2006. The fall elections will be inconclusive, but the outcome of the war and the success of the economy will leave Republicans in charge…. And Alito is gonna get confirmed. I believe another liberal judge is going to retire, step down from the Court; we’ll have another opening there. The war in Iraq is going to come to a successful conclusion, and we’ll begin withdrawing troops before the end of the year.”

Well, I guess there’s nothing for me to blog about this year.  Questions resolved.

Rev. Barry W. Lynn, executive director of Americans United for Separation of Church, asks the right question:

“Isn’t it odd,” said Lynn, “that God’s prophecies and Robertson’s political agenda are one and the same?

Hey, yeah!  That is a bit odd!  What a coinky-dink!