Bush’s State Of The Union

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I won’t be watching (rehearsal) and I might not even TIVO it.  Besides the State of the Union on the right hand column (which I’ll take down in a few days) is better.

But by all accounts, including those of the Wall Street Journal (sumamrized here), Bush’s best bet — if he wants to be accountable to the American people — is to do as little as possible.  Says the WSJ:

Asked who should take the lead in settling national policy, just 25% say Mr. Bush, while 49% prefer Congress to take charge.

And perhaps in view of these polls, Bush is proposing a very meek agenda.

That’s probably good politics, but it has to embarrassing when you are forced to acknowledge that everytime you do something (war, Katrina, etc.), you bollux it up, and that the less you do for the people, the better off the people are.

UPDATE:  The always on-point Professor Juan Cole reminds us the "Top Ten things Bush won’t Tell you About the State of the Nation":

1. US economic growth during the last quarter was an anemic 1.1%, the worst in 3 years.

2. The US inflation rate has jumped to 3.4 percent, the highest rate in 5 years.

3. The number of daily attacks in Iraq rose from 52 in December, 2004 to 77 in December, 2005.

4. A third of US veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, some 40,000 persons, exhibit at least some signs of mental health disorders. Some 14,000 were treated for drug dependencies, and 11,000 for depression.

5. Increases in American consumer spending come from borrowing.

6. The $320 – $400 bilion deficits run by the Bush administration may push up the cost of mortgages and loans.

7. 58% of Americans think Bush is painting Iraq as rosier than it is. A majority thinks we should never have invaded the country.

8. The US military is at a breaking point.

9. In fact, The US and Iran are tacit allies in Iraq.

10. More money would be needed to finish the US reconstruction projects begun in Iraq.